Wheel Charts

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We provide customised wheel chart services across the Midlands

JJ Print Finishers Ltd offers customised wheel charts at great prices. For more details or a quote on our services, speak to a member of our team today.

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Print advert wheels and more

We understand that wheel charts are a popular method of displaying information. Especially used in the advertising industry, we specialise in turning a wheel to reveal graphics or text in a die cut format. These wheel chart calculators are also useful for educational service providers. If you would like us to create wheel charts for you, feel free to speak to a member of our team today.
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Our wheel chart construction styles include:

  • Infographic data wheel
  • Wheel chart calculators
  • Sizing calculators
  • Print advert wheels
  • Eyeleted slide charts
  • Spinning wheels
  • CCTV lens calculators 
  • Colour wheels and pin guides
For any other type of wheel chart, contact our team and we will provide you with a suitable service for a great price.
Want to design your product advertisement in a wheel chart format? Contact JJ Print Finishers Ltd in the Midlands on
0116 286 5500
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