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Eyeletting services in the Midlands

At JJ Print Finishers Ltd, we cover all aspects of eyeletting for a variety of products that extend across multiple industries.

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About our eyelet service

Eyeletting is the process where nickel or brass eyelets are traditionally used to reinforce a hole so that either a string or elastic can be applied. JJ Print Finishers Ltd in the Midlands, provides a range of eyeletted products. From a simple luggage tag to spinning wheels and parking discs we have them all. We accept all products that require a disc that allows two pieces of card to turn together. Whatever your requirements, discuss them with our team today.
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We offer eyelet services for:

  • Luggage tags
  • Electronic and stationery applications
  • Safety tags
  • Sample tags
  • Key fob tags
We also specialise in print finishing and contract packing. You can discuss any kind of packing requests with our team and they will be happy to help you.
Want an estimate on the cost of our eyeletting services? Call on
0116 286 5500
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